We have the powerful vacuum trucks, pumps and hydro-blasting technology for flushing and scouring a tank containing a solid or liquid. We have years of petroleum and chemical industry experience removing flammable residue, working in gaseous situations, and purging sludge, fouling and deposits.



We provide the industry with safe and efficient tank cleaning services. Whether for hot work (gas-free) or product change, FTL has the ability and expertise to complete the project on time and on budget..

Our chemical cleaning methods don’t just remove sludge like mechanical methods, butgo a step (or several) beyond and minimize waste through source reduction and resource recovery. We ensure removal of hydrocarbon vapor, free oil, and deposits from process vessels. FTL provides a single source for servicing storage tanks and vessels of all types, handling everything from degassing, treatment and material removal to exterior recoating. Our turnkey tank maintenance services include gas-freeing, sludge removal and processing, chemical treatment, cleaning for hot work, liner removal and replacement, interior and exterior coating, and process and utility system labeling. Our crews consist of personnel trained to do their work safely and efficiently.


When it is time for an internal inspection, your tank must be taken out of service, cleaned and prepared for an inspector to enter the storage tank.


If you plan to store a different product in your tank, a full tank cleaning might be necessary. If you are switching from an unrefined product to a refined product, like from crude oil to gasoline, you would need to remove all residue and impurities.

If your tank has a mechanical failure, you likely won’t be able to repair it in service. Depending on the problem, you would need to empty your tank, clean it and make it vapor free before you are able to make the necessary repairs. Typically, the ultimate goal of a tank cleaning is to provide a safe environment for whoever is entering the storage tank after you, whether it is an inspector or a mechanical repair company.

Storage tanks

Batch Reactors

Pressure vessels



Rail cars

Tank farms

Product terminals


Our Hydroblast equipment and pumps can deliver liquid safely at high velocity and pressure to remove the most fouled, rusted and coated metals. Large diameter pipes and bends are efficiently cleaned with our rotating hydroblast devices.